Made of hand-carved logs at the beginning of 1950’s, this bold 1½-storey house has been renovated throughout in 2010.
The house has a spacious bright living room, a functional kitchen and 4 twin bedrooms, so it sleeps 8 people. Taking extra beds  into account the sleeping capacity can be arranged for 12 people. Upstairs there is the astonishing views of the lake from the large covered balcony.

A wide lobby, as well as a toilet-shower area suitable for disabled guests on the residential floor. On the ground floor is a fair-sized wood-heated sauna and shower area with underfloor heating. Also, the basement room downstairs. Area of ​​the house about 150 m² with a floor area of ​​approximately 240 m².

The log, wood-fired lakeside sauna is suitable for summer time use and has a small room  suitable for overnight stays. The sauna has electicity to add comfort. The shoreline is shallow and sandy so it is suitable for aquatic fun. Lake Pieni-Ahvenainen is a small clear water lake with good fishing.
A shoreline of around 50 m is at use. Across the field, from the house to the shore, the distance is less than 70 m.

The yard has with plenty of parking space, as well as the opportunity to agree upon the use of a garage or a storage shed. The house is surrounded by fields that are used for agriculture. Other buildings are not included in the rent.

Hyväniemi offers authentic experiences of rural life to its permanent tenants, so the amazing property cannot be booked now.